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Cllr Mary Allen (Riverside Ward)

Cllr Mary Allen (Riverside Ward)

I have been a Parish Councillor for the Riverside Ward since 2009. I have lived in Birstall since 1963, when I moved here with my husband and two small daughters. My son was born in 1969 and my three children all went through their schooling in Birstall.

I first became involved with the Parish Council when they decided to hold a Gala for the Millennium, and was asked to join the organising committee, I have been involved with the organisation of the Gala ever since.

I am now unfortunately a widow, but myself and my family are still grateful to the people of the village, who raised money for Harefield Hospital after my husband's successful Heart Transplant. David was the first person from Leicester to have this operation, and it was not under The National Health as it was a new venture, but we managed to pay back Harefield for David's operation with the help of money raised by the people of Birstall. David survived for 21 years after the transplant, and saw weddings of the girls, grandchildren born, and we had a great time travelling once David had retired.

I am still involved in many of the committees for the Council , and outside committees representing the Parish, Age UK Ltd and the Hannah Trust.

My original occupation was in Insurance as an accounts clerk, and I worked there until I left to start a family. I returned to work in 1979, and ended my working life at County Hall, working in the Schools Department dealing with the kitchens and invoices.

I greatly enjoy being a Parish Councillor, but will probably have to hang up my boots once age catches up with me. If you like being of help to others and trying to make life pleasant for the inhabitants of Birstall being a Councillor is great, you receive no payment for it, but a great sense of satisfaction that you are trying to make a difference to the Community, it's a busy role to fill but well worth it.

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