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Charnwood's Community Governance Review Survey

Posted: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 10:52 by Sue Coulson

This Community Governance Review Survey is being carried out by Charnwood Borough Council and will consider a number of issues, including whether to:

  • Create a new parish
  • Alter the boundary of an existing parish
  • Group a number of parishes together in a grouped parish council

This review will look at current parish boundaries and address whether they need to be changed, or new ones created, to reflect the changing landscape and population of Charnwood both now and in the future.

The Clerk attended a meeting on 28 March 2017, which gave a briefing on this survey, and was concerned to learn that one of the reasons for this review was for Charnwood Borough Council to decide which Parish the proposed Broadnook Development should be attached to.

This survey will be completed and submitted by the Parish Council on behalf of residents, and their opinion is that Birstall is already at a maximum capacity when it comes to health and education with an ever growing population and that a decision to greatly add to this number is neither practicable or feasible.

The Parish Council wish to alert residents to this extremely important consultation and urge all of you to submit your own opinions on the forms to Charnwood Borough Council before the deadline date of 30th April 2017. It is vital that you have the opportunity to give your opinions now before any decisions are made. The review is not to decide whether the development goes ahead or not, but whether it should become part of the Parish of Birstall.

There will not be another review of this kind for a number of years to come, so it is important to have your say now.

The Review Survey is available to complete on Charnwood Borough Councils website, you can reach this by following this link: http://www.charnwood.gov.uk/pages/cgr or you can download it from the Parish Council website (see below) as a word document, this will enable you to print, complete, and either email it to the contact on the survey form or post it to Charnwood Borough Council, should you require a paper copy you can call into the Parish Council offices to collect one.

Should you require any further information or assistance with this please do not hesitate to telephone the Parish Council offices on the number above or email: admin@birstallpc.org.uk

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