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A6 Footbridge - open to the public on 14 January 2019

A6 Footbridge - open to the public on 14 January 2019

Contractors Danaher & Walsh have confirmed that the footbridge will be open to the public on 14 January 2019

Posted: Thu, 10 Jan 2019 11:43 by Sue Coulson

Parish Council trials Quarter sized Allotment Plots

Parish Council trials Quarter sized Allotment Plots

The Parish Council's Estates & Recreation Committee decided to pilot a 12-month trial of offering quarter sized allotment plots for £10 per year and that these would be on the Greengate Lane site where there is an opportunity of creating six quarter plots all together.

The committee felt that this would not only benefit those who are new to allotment gardening and would give them an idea of whether they would be able to manage a larger half plot or even a full plot, but they also thought it would be an option for existing tenants struggling to maintain the plot they have and be able to downsize rather than give up completely. More »

If the trial proves successful it will be rolled out to the Meadow Lane site and Worcester Avenue site.

There are currently vacant plots on all three sites, but if the quarter plots are of more interest to you please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council office staff.

It is anticipated that the first quarter plots will be available from February 2019, but if you want to reserve one now, please contact us and we will place you on the waiting list and be in touch as soon as they are ready. » Less

Posted: Thu, 10 Jan 2019 10:47 by Sue Coulson

Birstall Parish Council’s Christmas hamper cheer for senior residents

Birstall Parish Council’s Christmas hamper cheer for senior residents

Many years ago, Birstall Parish Council were Trustees of a local charity that ceased to operate.

The original Charity was set up to meet the needs of the elderly and needy in the village and the Parish Council chose to maintain the existing beneficiary list for receipt of a Christmas Hamper.

Over the last few years the beneficiary list has naturally declined and when this was discussed at a recent Council meeting, Councillors decided that this heart-warming initiative should continue. They all agreed that Christmas time is a time of giving and thinking of others and that this gesture captures the very essence of the season, as it spreads joy to some of the most vulnerable people in the Parish. More »

They decided to develop and grow the list up to a maximum of twenty beneficiaries each year and they are asking for your help by seeking nominations from the community to enable them to continue to do this in December 2019.

The Parish Council are asking for you to nominate someone who is over 70 years of age that you feel deserves or is in need of some Christmas Cheer. Maybe they live alone and/or are on a low income, or for some other reason that you feel makes them eligible to receive a Christmas Hamper.

The nomination form is available on the Parish Council's website: for you to download and complete, there is also a direct link to the form below to enable you to download. once you have completed the form please return it to the Parish Clerk who will acknowledge receipt and confirm whether or not your nomination meets the criteria and has been included on the Beneficiary List.

Nominations will close on 31 October each year to enable the hampers to be ordered and prepared ready for delivery the following December.

Posted: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 11:46 by Sue Coulson