The Broadnook Garden Village development, (also called the North of Birstall Direction of Growth), is a new development of 1,950 new houses, 15 hectares of land for employment use, a new local centre with a supermarket and community facilities, a new primary school, erection of an assisted living retirement village of up to 175 units and 70 bed care home, sports facilities, open spaces, play areas, allotments and sites for travellers and travelling show people.

A new access would be provided onto the A6 dual carriageway and would involve the construction of a new roundabout on the A6 and a second smaller roundabout within the site served off this. A new road from the internal roundabout would then link with Rothley village to the north with upgrades to the central crossroads in the village and the closure of the northbound slip road off the A6 to the village.

Further upgrades would be made to the A6/A46 roundabout and slip roads and the Red Hill roundabout in Leicester city.

The northern section of the site would have a wide expanse of natural open space, park land, allotments, and sports provision. A network of cycle routes and footpaths through the development will provide links to surrounding areas such and allow car free movement through the development and recreational use.

There is more information on Charnwood Borough Councils website:

Broadnook Foundation Meetings

The Chair of Birstall Parish Council and the Clerk attend these meetings. The minutes of meetings held can be found below.

Development Progression

Proposed 40mph and 50mph speed limits - Loughborough Road

Statement of Reasons

Leicestershire County Council proposes to make the following order:-

On behalf of Barwood and Davidsons Homes.

Barwood and Davidsons Homes are due to build a new residential development, Broad Nook, which will have its access off of Loughborough Road, the A6.

This will include the construction of a new roundabout on the A6 to serve as access on to the A6 and a new roundabout to serve the new development with a link road to the new roundabout on the A6.

To improve road safety for the new road layout:

On the A6 it is proposed that the speed limit on the length of Loughborough Road, Wanlip from the existing 40mph speed limit in Birstall to a point north of the new roundabout is reduced from national speed limit to 50mph.

It is also proposed that the section of Loughborough Road, Rothley which is currently national speed limit is reduced to 40mph from where it has its junction with the new roundabout.

The new roundabout that serves the new development and part of the link road from this to the new roundabout on the A6 are due to be 30mph by virtue of street lighting.

The effect of the order is to improve road safety and public amenity.