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The Precept is that element of your Council Tax that is paid to Birstall Parish Council.

Every year, the Parish Council draws up budgets and calculates how much money it needs for the next Financial Year. These are usually finalised at the January Full Council meeting and then submitted to Charnwood Borough Council (CBC). CBC co-ordinates the other demands from Leicestershire County Council, the Police and themselves and come up with the rate to be paid from 1st April of that year.

Council Policies & Procedures

Externally Provided Health & Safety Policies

The Parish Council employ an independent, external company to advise on Human Resources and Heath & Safety Matters to ensure that the Parish Council are current and comply with all required regulations.

They not only offer advice on a one to one basis regarding but also supply handbooks for employees regarding HR and H&S. They also supply two policies that are displayed in the offices and can also be found below.

Fixed Asset Register Listings

Grant Aid Applications


A list of Birstall Parish Council's current list of contracts awarded, along with their values can be found below. This complies with the Local Government Transparency Code.

  • Contracts for 2021-2022 (PDF, 21 Kb)

    A list of Birstall Parish Council contracts listed under the Local Government Transparency Code

Monthly Expenditure

A report of Birstall Parish Council's monthly expenditure for the current Financial Year can be found below:

Procurement Information

Here you can find details of any invitations to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services with a value exceeding £25,000. At present, there are no tenders to display.

Tender for replacement play equipment

Tender for Replacement Play Equipment has been logged on the Contracts Finder Website. The value of the contract is between £ 25,000 and £ 55,000 more details can be found via the link below: