Gas Explosion Incident - Update

Posted: Tue, 02 Jan 2018 09:18 by Sue Coulson

Please see an updated statement from Charnwood Borough Council which may be helpful to those affected, the information give a useful telephone number for the Housing Needs team on 01509 634567.

Updated statement on Birstall incident

Here's an updated statement on the incident at Birstall on Monday, December 11:

"We have carried out an initial audit of homes in the area of Allington Drive and Keswick Close and so far we have established that between 35 and 40 properties have been damaged. The damage ranges from minor to significant.

"Two homes were destroyed and another five or six have significant damage. Another 25-30 properties received varying levels of damage.

"Our building inspectors have been on site since Monday and are liaising with the emergency services and homeowners about any next steps. In most cases, homeowners are arranging repairs with their insurance companies. If they need further advice then people can get in touch with us.

"Our Housing Needs team have been in touch with a number of people since Monday to offer support and advice on housing.

"Most were able to return home while one couple stayed in council-owned sheltered accommodation.

"We will continue to support people in the coming weeks regarding their housing needs.

"If anyone needs any further advice on housing issues, or anything else relating to the incident at Birstall, please contact our Housing Needs team on 01509 634567."

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