Birstall's Remembrance Event - 11 November 2020

Birstall's Remembrance Event - 11 November 2020

The national branch of the Royal British Legion has advised all their local branches that they cannot take the lead in organising the remembrance events. Birstall Parish Council were informed of this by Charnwood Borough Council.

The Parish Council realise that it is important these Remembrance events to be held, therefore, they did not hesitate in agreeing to take the lead in organising this and any future remembrance events with the help and support of the Royal British Legion branch for Birstall.

The continuing situation with Covid-19 and the need for social distancing means that this year it will not be possible to hold a church service or a parade. However, it has been agreed that a low-key wreath laying ceremony will take place at the War Memorial on Wednesday, 11 November 2020 at 11am.

The Reverend, Kerry Emmett will deliver a short service and the Chair of Birstall Parish Council along with two representatives from the Birstall branch of the Royal British Legion will be in attendance. They will lay wreaths on behalf of the many organisations that usually take part in this Remembrance event.

The Parish Council are asking people not to congregate in large numbers on the day for health & safety reasons. It is planned that the event will be recorded and uploaded to the Parish Council's website.

The Parish Council are aware that the many residents who usually attend this Remembrance event will want to support in some way. The Parish Council is suggesting that on either Sunday or Wednesday you all undertake a 2-minute silence on your doorstep at 11am.

Leading up to the event, there is a poster of a poppy on the Parish Council website for you to download and get the family involved in colouring in the poppies and placing them in your windows as soon as you can, the website is: If you require hard copies, please telephone the office on 0116 267 6191 and we can arrange to print them off for you to collect from the reception by appointment.

Birstall Parish Council will be illuminating the Memorial, the Church, and the Parish Council offices to mark the event.

Sue Coulson
Clerk to the Council

Posted: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 08:57 by Sue Coulson

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