Birstall's Remembrance Service is being jointly organised this year by the Birstall Branch of the Royal British Legion and Birstall Parish Council. The Parish Council feel that it is hugely important this this Remembrance service continues throughout the generations and were happy to step in to help and support the local branch of the Royal British Legion.

This year's service will be held on Sunday, 14 November 2021. A Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire will be in attendance and will be hosted by the Chair of Birstall Parish Council and the Chair of the Birstall Branch of the Royal British Legion.

Christmas Celebrations 2021

The Parish Council have arranged for the large Christmas tree to be installed on the Sibson Road car park at the end of November. They will also be installing the usual 65 x lit smaller trees above some of the shops.

There will not be an official Christmas Switch on event or a Christmas Market in the Village Hall this year, hopefully, next year we will all be a much safer environment to be able to host these kinds of events. However, there will be fairground attractions on the Sibson Road car park on Friday, 3 December 2021 from 3pm - 9pm.

Posters will be displayed around the village and we hope that the local shops will take the opportunity of using this time for a late night opening special to encourage more people into the village and to visit local businesses.