Youth Services

During the pandemic the Parish Council were not able to operate their Youth Café facility and the length of time the country was in lockdown the result was that staff left and went onto pastures new which left the Parish Council in a position of being able to deliver this service and unfortunately had to take the decision to close the Youth Café.

The Council discussed an alternative solution of inviting an organisation in to use the facilities already in place to provide youth service provision as an autonomous unit.

At the Council meeting in September 2021 a speaker attended the meeting and a proposal was put forward from Young Leicestershire to deliver youth provision. The Council agreed to accept the proposal and agreed a £7,011 budget to cover the costs for the remainder of this financial year.

The proposal is published below and shows a live link to Young Leicestershire's website giving more information about the organisation:

Young Leicestershire are moving quickly to provide these important services to the young people of Birstall and their first report was received at a Council meeting on Monday, 11 October 2021 and can be viewed below